Thursday, August 14, 2008

Setting Send Connector Message Size Limits

For quite some time, our Exchange environment has been configured to restrict total message sizes to 30MB, as set in "Transport Settings" under the "Global Settings" tab of the Hub Transport settings. This limit was inherited from our Exchange 2003 settings, so we didn't have to configure it when we went to Exchange 2007. However, we recently had a customer complain that outbound messages were bouncing when their size broke 10MB. I was quite puzzled by this until they passed along a copy of the bounce message, which contained the following:

#550 5.3.4 ROUTING.SizeLimit; message size exceeds fixed maximum size for route ##

Ah ha! Lo and behold, Send Connectors have a default message size limit of 10MB, and we didn't modify this when we created the Send Connector for our 2007 Hub Transport servers. This is easily correctable, either via EMC, or via the following EMS command:

Set-SendConnector 'Connector Name' -maxmessagesize 30MB

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