Wednesday, January 17, 2007


A rare ice storm has gripped central Texas. UT Austin has been closed for two days straight.

So, how do I spend my unexpected free time? Primarily sleeping, since I've been sick as a dog.

And no, I didn't brave the cold to grab a copy of Burning Crusade, although my coworker Alex did. He was at Fry's at 7:00am Tuesday. He REALLY wanted his collectors edition copy.

Here is the view from my living room window yesterday (captured with the iSight camera built into my notebook, since my regular digital camera is fubared).

Friday, January 12, 2007

Pardon me while I wipe away the drool

Apple, Inc.'s new iPhone (or whatever it will be called once the Cisco trademark lawsuit is settled - note that "iPhone" is not emblazoned on the front of the device) is sleek, sexy, and highly desirable.

So pretty.

I really want to want one.

Unfortunately, there is no ActiveSync support. Working in an Exchange environment, that is a serious show stopper.

Come on, Steve. Even Palm makes ActiveSync-enabled devices (all but the first model of Treo). Get with the program. From the perspective of Enterprise customers, a SmartPhone without ActiveSync isn't a SmartPhone.

Quite frankly, I'm thinking of getting a Moto Q for my next phone. I would consider the BlackJack, except for the fact that I'm wanting to ditch AT&T/Cingular (which has seriously angered me with its poor customer service). That would preclude getting the iPhone anyway...