Friday, August 1, 2008

Coolest Exchange 2007 Tip Ever!

One of my biggest complaints about Exchange 2007 has been how long it takes for EMS and EMC to start up. This especially becomes an issue with web-based front-ends for PowerShell scripts, which have an unfortunate tendency to time-out.

Now there is a tip on the PowerShell Team Blog which explains how to pre-compile the .NET frameworks using ngen.exe to pre-populate the Native Image Cache, thus speeding up the loading of all things PowerShell-based. The performance gains are impressive, but I suspect that the script would need to be re-run anytime Exchange or the .NET Framework get updated or patched.

I also note that there doesn't seem to be much of a speed boost on the Exchange servers, just on other boxes that use EMS or EMC to manage Exchange. On our web front-end for self-service mailbox management, the EMS scripts run about twice as fast!

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