Monday, November 3, 2008

Entourage Generational-Suffix Bug: Good News & Bad News

As recounted in an earlier post, we've encountered a lovely little bug in Entourage where users whose Display Name ends in a string which can be interpretted as a generational suffix (I, II, III, IV, Jr, Sr, with or without trailing periods) cannot be added to Exchange sharing permissions via Entourage.  PSS has just reported to me that there is a workaround.  I have verified that the workaround indeed works.   The downside is that the workaround requires that the user know the samAccountName of the user whom they wish to add to their sharing permissions.

The workaround is pretty straightforward. In the "Select User" dialog box, click the "Advanced..." button.  In the resulting "Advanced" dialog box, enter the domain name and login name (samAccountName) of the user to be added.