Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Blog for Boat Refit Project

I've been slowly making progress on my trimaran. I've built rudimentary supports to hold up the secondary floats while I detach them, and I've also procured an A-frame engine hoist via Craigslist for lifting the main hull. On top of everything else, this last Sunday, my friend Nyl brought up the plans from which the boat was built, along with a packet containing quotes and receipts from materials used in the original construction, an article written by the designer about boatbuilding on the cheap, a magazine article from 1968 about the controversy over multihull safety which cites the (then) recent disappearance of Arthur Piver, the man who designed my boat. Plus, a photo of my trimaran, in the water, back when it was new - sporting a cabin!

Sure enough, examining the schematics for the Piver Nugget revealed that it could be built in either a cabin or daysailer configuration. Finally knowing the name of the boat and its designer, I was able to locate numerous photos of other Nugget's on the web. It seems that most were built with the cabin configuration.

Anyway, I've now started a new blog over at devoted to tracking my progress on this refit.

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