Thursday, June 21, 2007

VA Excursion: Day 5

I left Dandridge, TN bright and early this morning (8:00am EDT) for the start of what turned out to be a beautiful day. Driving up through the Shenendoah Valley (between the Cumberland range and the Smokey Mountain/Blue Ridge range of the Appalachians was a spectacular sight to behold. Of course, getting good photos was a challenge given the traffic and lack of designated overlook points.

The Smoky Mountains as seen from Dandridge, TN

After turning southeast onto I-64 for the final push into Richmond, I found myself heading downhill for much of the remainder of the trip, dropping down through the Blue Ridge mountains into the gentler foothills. Along this stretch of road, I finally found a decent overlook to stop and photograph the scenerey.

The closer I got to Richmond, the more subdued the terrain became, or at least what little I could see of it for heavy woods. I finally rolled into Richmond, VA around 4:00pm (EDT) and got to the Doubletree around 4:30pm (EDT), after being completely lost for a while. Nice room on the 15th floor, but the parking is valet only, and I hate not having ready access to my car.

Richmond, VA, as seen from my room on the 15th floor of the Doubletree

Shortly, the Pace Society members will be gathering for a group photo, then a dinner featuring a presentation by a research archivist from the Library of Virginia. I should also find out at that point if I've been elected to the Board of Trustees.

Tomorrow: Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Pace's Paines!

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