Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple announces iPad...and not much else

No announcement for iPhone 4 or any hardware refreshes for the iPhone line. No Mac announcements.

The iPad is nice, and does a nice job of extending the iPhone/iTouch interface to a larger form factor. My reaction? Meh.

I would love to have that hardware, with the touch interface enhancements, but able to run Mac OS X applications. Looks like the eventual replacement for my aging MacBook Pro will likely be a MacBook Air (or whatever is equivalent six months to a year from now). But first, I need to replace my now non-functional G5 tower, preferably with RAID storage, so that I have a home server to securely store my data. (I'm thinking perhaps a Mac Mini connected to an external RAID enclosure via FireWire, or perhaps the Mac Mini server configuration with two hard drives.)

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