Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stupidity on Parade III

Wow. I've always thought that the Netherlands might be the kind of place where I might want to live. Now I'm sure. Yeah for "militant secularism." That, and the fact that the expected high temperature here in Austin, TX today is 106°F, whereas the temperature in Amsterdam right now is 61°F. If only I could telecommute from there.

For the record, contrary to what the reporter says, polygamy is NOT legal in the Netherlands, and the bit about a "suicide pill" is complete bollocks. What do you expect? This is Fox News we're talking about, after all. Facts have never really been of interest to them.


Nisha said...

i'm tired of life, where's that pill i bought a while back? *sigh*

i gotta say though, that clearly unintentional ringing endorsement made me want to visit even more now. :)

Chris said...

Wait, wait.....religion is toxic? Wow...and people are just now coming to this realization? After two crusades and countless religious inspired killings? Fix News says this as if it's a bad thing...