Thursday, October 23, 2008

Entourage Issues with the Office:mac 12.1.3 Update

First notice I saw about the issue was here:

 The reported issue is an error -17997 being generated when Entourage users attempt to send meeting invitations. I was unable to reproduce the issue in my own testing, but that was before the following two updates:


It seems that the problem manifests if the Entourage identity contains POP3 and/or IMAP4 accounts in conjunction with the Exchange account, with the non-Exchange accounts added to the identity PRIOR to the Exchange account.  Both updates mention workarounds. MacBU is aware of the issue and is working on an update.


The two workarounds mentioned are:

  •  Drag the message from the outbox to the drafts folder and sending it from their (a clumsy workaround at best)
  • Recreate your Entourage identity from scratch, making sure to configure the Exchange account BEFORE configuring any non-Exchange accounts.  Please note that this will force re-synchronization of the local cache data, which can take a considerable amount of time for large mailboxes.  One way to minimize this would be to configure Entourage to only cache partial messages (In the account settings, Options tab, select “Partially receive messages over x KB”).

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