Friday, January 12, 2007

Pardon me while I wipe away the drool

Apple, Inc.'s new iPhone (or whatever it will be called once the Cisco trademark lawsuit is settled - note that "iPhone" is not emblazoned on the front of the device) is sleek, sexy, and highly desirable.

So pretty.

I really want to want one.

Unfortunately, there is no ActiveSync support. Working in an Exchange environment, that is a serious show stopper.

Come on, Steve. Even Palm makes ActiveSync-enabled devices (all but the first model of Treo). Get with the program. From the perspective of Enterprise customers, a SmartPhone without ActiveSync isn't a SmartPhone.

Quite frankly, I'm thinking of getting a Moto Q for my next phone. I would consider the BlackJack, except for the fact that I'm wanting to ditch AT&T/Cingular (which has seriously angered me with its poor customer service). That would preclude getting the iPhone anyway...

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